Direct payments

Rural Support Service (RSS) provides the State support and the EU support to farmers under the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP).

Direct payments are granted directly to farmers under a support scheme - the Single Area Payment Scheme (SAPS). This simplified scheme has been applied in Latvia since 2004 and it involves the payment of uniform amounts per eligible hectares of agricultural area.

The transitional period detached national aids are additional SAPS payments that are implemented as production-detached aid.

It is possible for farmers to apply for the following aids:

  • Single Area payment;
  • Specific aid in dairy sector;
  • Specific aid for improvement the quality of starch potato;
  • Specific aid for improvement the quality of forage plant seeds and potato seeds;
  • Separate sugar payment;
  • The transitional period detached national aids;
  • Payments to farmers in areas with handicaps, other than Mountain Areas;
  • Natura 2000 payments and payments linked to Directive 2000/60/EC;
  • Natura 2000 Payments (to Forest Owners);
  • Agro-environment measures:

                 -  Development of Organic Farming;
                 -  Maintaining Biodiversity in Grassland;
                 -  Establishment of Buffer Belts;
                 -  Preservation of Genetic Resources of Farming Animals;
                 -  Introducing and Promoting Integrated Horticulture;
                 -  Stubble field in winter period.

More detailed information regarding support measures is available here (in Latvian).

Latvian farmers may apply for aid under various support schemes and measures by submitting an application form in one of nine RSS Regional Agriculture Department or by submitting an application form electronically in Electronic Applications System.

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